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all about jazz review joanna pascale italian american tribute

“She served as singer, band leader, arranger, narrator, and producer/director of a show that could have wowed them at the Sands in Las Vegas, one of Frank Sinatra's old haunts. Dressed and coiffed Italian style and a superb story-teller, Pascale generated what was virtually a theatrical event.”

icon magazine 

"Pascale’s singing is the stuff of dreams, whether on the achingly beautiful “I Wanna Be Loved” or the reliably uplifting “Ill Remember You,” where she shines with halogen brightness. "

- Nick Bewsey, Icon Magazine

all about jazz review wildflower 

"Vocalist Joanna Pascale has an enviable commodity: a durable and pliant alto voice over which she has perfect control. Whether she is in a conversational mode, as on Valerie Brown's "Forget Me" or a slow walk through the Goffin/King classic "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow," Pascale readily makes the lyrics real and her own in a comfortable and familiar way that tactilely feels like a favorite blanket... warm, sensual, satisfying."

- C. Michael Bailey, All About Jazz

jazz times review . through my eyes  

"Close listening reveals strong hints of Lena Horne and Nancy Wilson. Stylistically, though, Pascale more closely suggests Peggy Lee. Like Lee, she reveals an innate sensuality, equaling Lee’s ability to elevate ballads to maximum torchiness and also to swing with soft, playful sexiness..."
- Christopher Louden, Jazz Times

washington post review. through my eyes

"Joanna Pascale isn't the sort of jazz vocalist who draws attention to herself at the expense of a lyric. As Through My Eyes illustrates, she also doesn't settle for songs whose words don't deserve the attention... Her real gift is storytelling, not improvisation, and she puts that talent to splendid use..."
- Mike Joyce, Washington Post

all about jazz review . through my eyes

"Pascale has obviously done her homework, and spent some quality time in the woodshed. Sidestepping what
could be another tired retread of the Great American Songbook by yet another generic vocalist, Pascale shows she's got the taste and skills to pull off a pleasantly relaxed set of standards..."
- Greg Camphire, All About Jazz



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forbidden practice . interview

"The music of Tin Pan Alley and Broadway served as a backdrop for Joanna Pascale’s youth and inform her recent album, Through My Eyes (Stiletto). But the Philadephia singer’s embrace of this upbeat material did not come so easily..."
- Eric Fine, Downbeat

joanna pascale gives old wax new life . interview

"Philadelphia jazz singer Joanna Pascale discovered her love of storytelling at age 15, when she heard her first Billie Holiday record. 'I was attracted to the lyrics, and the passion behind them. I guess I was an overdramatic teenager,' she said in a telephone interview. 'That record just opened a floodgate...'"
- MaryAlice Bitts, LancasterOnline Entertainment

sittin' in

"I've always been fascinated by not only what people say, but also how they say it. Lately, I've been focusing on the hidden intent of what people say, often looking for a deeper meaning. The human voice is by far our oldest and most profound means of communication, used to express emo- tions of joy, pain, anger, love, sorrow, etc. Though sometimes difficult to interpret material to which I have an emotional dis- connect, vocally, I want to draw from these emotions in order to deliver a clear and honest interpretation of a song. My great- est challenge is to remain present in the moment and connect with the lyrics to effectively express the story..."
- Joanna Pascale